The value of fresh-cut vegetable sales in Italy between October 2015 and September 2016 was just below €766 million, i.e. +0.2% with respect to the previous year. This data resulted from an analysis carried out by FreshPlaza in cooperation with IRI, a leading company in the market information, analysis, business intelligence solutions and consultancy sectors.

The sales volume also remained similar to the previous year (+0.0%), just like the number of packets sold (+0.7%).

Fresh-cut vegetables continue to be more popular in north-west Italy, followed by central Italy, Sardinia and the north-east. Southern Italy is last, though it is the only area where sales increased by more than 1% (+3.9%), while they have dropped elsewhere and only recorded +0.1% in the north-west.

The situation is similar when talking about volumes. There was a 0.3% increase in the north-west, while there was a 3.6% drop in central Italy and Sardinia. Southern Italy registered a 3.6% growth, while the north-east saw an increase in volumes sold of 2.3%. If compared with the drop in sales in the same area, this last data means that there was probably a drop in average sales prices. 

Salads remain the more popular product, followed at a distance by ready-to-cook and raw vegetables. These are in turn followed by herbs, snacks and aperitifs.

If we consider packaging, the most popular format are bags, with a drop of just 0.4%, followed by punnets and bowls. The latter grew by 22.1% in value, while flowpacks dropped by 14.9%.