"All the fresh-cut branches are growing, more than we expected", Paolo Mariani, marketing manager of Consorzio Agribologna, says. "It seems that people have overcome the economic crisis", he adds.

Agribologna staff at Macfrut. From left to right: Marco Guidi, Emilio Colombini, Monica Stepien, Paolo Mariani e Andrea Cacciari.

"The Con Più Energia e Gusto line, packed pineapple and coconut, fruit salads have grown. Seasonal fruit mixes have been so successful that they are in the top ten chart of sales of Fresco Senso brand (fresh-cut line of Agribologna, editor's note). A good trend also for Stikki, which is now traded without seasonings in the packaging".

"Con Più Energia e Gusto" products from "Fresco Senso" line.

Italians have re-evaluated fresh-cut products not only because they have more money but also because consumption times and places have changed. "People eat at work and large-scale distributors should understand that they'd better set up small shops with catering areas rather than supermarkets. Consumers have been buying Fresco Senso products especially in retailer shops and the range displayed has been even widened", Marketing manager of Agribologna explains.

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