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Anthony Lepage, Les Herbes du Roussillon:

France: dynamic demand for dried herb bouquets

According to Anthony Lepage, in charge of commercial development at Les Herbes du Roussillon, “dried herb bouquets sell really well this time of year.” He has developed a whole line of bouquets for vegetable trays, with different combinations of herbs depending on the dish (fish, pork, poultry…). But…

100% Vegan friendly DIY Pesto Kit introduced in The Netherlands

Europe Retail Packing B.V. from Poeldijk, Holland, released a DIY Pesto Kit available in the Netherlands in time for the Holiday Season. It contains fresh, Class 1, and handpicked ingredients such as Genovese Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pine & Mixed Nuts, Aged Parmesan Cheese, and Fresh Garlic.    It has a total…

Avihay Wein: Aviv export Israel

“We are known for our high-quality fresh herbs that are asked for by our clients.”

"We are known for our high-quality fresh herbs that are asked for by our clients," says Avihay Wein, Marketing Manager of Aviv export, based in Israel. They specialize in the export of fresh herbs and other agricultural products from Israel and a few more countries to mainly Europe and the rest of the…

Swiss: From supplying retail to the year-round cultivation of natural plant extracts

“It is very difficult to have a stable product quality when transporting fresh herbs. We solved that problem that processing our fresh herbs into essences, which can be stored and handled as a processed product,” says Christian Gerig, founder of Pinkfarm. Christian Gerig Pinkfarm is an indoor farm in St.…

Spike in fresh herb consumption for the holiday season

Duncan Family Farms, a grower of certified organic baby leaf items and fresh herbs, offers retailers merchandising and sales support with its line of 18 fresh, organic herb varieties heading into the holiday cooking season. According to Google trends, there is a clear spike in search volume for terms…

Altamura OP and La Capra Selvatica

Spontaneous herbs become a resource

Plants that grow without cultivation activities are known as "spontaneous herbs." The most popular on the Italian territory are borage, chicory, purslane, nettle, wild arugula, dandelion, plaintain, amaranth, and lambsquarters. It is precisely with these products in mind that producer organization…

Promising margins for vertical farms

Singapore: "Our demand is more than we can supply"

"We're expanding as the demand is growing, that's why we're taking a 3000m2 site in next month. We will be starting construction in January next year, and the farm will be ready for production by Q3 2023. Our new farm will be way more efficient in electricity and resource usage through economies of scale…

Sedat Bayburt, SE-SA Hamburg, on imported herbs from Israel

"Many herb varieties - most notably basil - are now selling nicely throughout the year"

Cut herbs have enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years, and they are now also being cultivated more and more in Germany. The domestic products are in direct competition with high-quality imported products, for example, from Israel. Particularly around the cold season, Israeli cut herbs are…

Frédéric Marie, Alpilles Primeurs:

“The additional energy costs will be difficult to pass on to our sales price”

The market of fresh aromatic herbs is doing relatively well and the demand is present, but the current situation poses some challenges for producers. “The higher energy and packaging costs, among others, will be difficult to pass on to our sales price,” explains Frédéric Marie of Alpilles Primeurs, a…


Expanding into all-round product supplier to create a robust business model

“With a large focus on branding in 2021, now we’re set to add another label to our company. Groots first labeled itself as a vertical farming company, now we’re becoming an all-around provider of food products, in collaboration with others. For instance, our latest ready-to-eat salad kits are a complete…

Cyprus: Herbs recalled after failure to list potential allergen

Yesterday, the Cypriot Health Ministry’s Public Health Service recalled basil and mint from two brands because of a failure to list a potential allergen among ingredients. Both herbs were found to contain celery, which is an allergen and could potentially cause issues to those allergic to it. The…

Etienne Taitz - Afrex Kenya

Basil grown especially for pesto

Afrex Kenya exports agricultural products from South Africa to wholesalers and resellers from as far away as China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the USA, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East; these products include mini vegetables, edible and fresh cut flowers. One specialized product offered by Afrex Kenya is a basil grown…

Ludan Fresh Supplies

Dried aromatic herbs for the foreign markets

Italian company Ludan Fresh Supplies, operating in the Sele Plain and specializing in the production and commercialization of fresh herbs, has developed a new line of dried aromatic herbs destined to the foreign markets. "This year, we have introduced a new line of dried herbs that completes our aromatic…

Alexander Gellert, Fruchtgroßhandel Gellert, on the marketing of pre-cut herbs:

"Encouraging supply situation - but sales are slowing a bit"

The supply of domestic pre-cut herbs of all kinds is currently going at full speed. At the local wholesale market in Hanover, regionally cultivated parsley, coriander, basil and the like are marketed on a daily basis as well. "Parsley is establishing itself as a particularly consistent item, which we can…

Grupo Foody's will produce fresh basil with roots 52 weeks a year

"We'll launch our live basil in Spain in December, and in October 2023, we'll arrive in the United Kingdom"

Thanks to an innovative project, the 2.3-hectare greenhouse that produced Ikea's tropical plants for Spain and Portugal and that is located in Las Palas, Fuente Álamo (Murcia), will start supplying live basil plants in a few months and throughout the 52 weeks of the year, becoming the largest producer of…

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