According to a report drafted by the Fondosviluppo S.p.A., the Study and Research Department for Confcooperative, the Department for Development Policies, and the Office for Internationalisation and Market policies, the fresh-cut salad market performed very well in the past five years (2010-2015). 

Total volume sales have increased by 9.9%. going from the 95.8 thousand tons of 2010 to the 105.3 thousand of 2015, while the total value increased by 10.1% from €780 million to almost €859 million. 

Total sales volumes are expected to keep growing, with a 7.5% growth (i.e. 113,2 thousand tons) in 2020.

The value should instead decrease by 3.8% with a significant drop in prices due to the numerous special offers and discounts applied by distributors and considering that such products are a reference for private labels.

Source: 'Le insalate di quarta gamma-mercati e tendenze', Ottobre 2016 in Export & Mercati, Vol. 10.

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