La Linea Verde has always been responsive to customer demands and driven by its willingness to innovate. This is why, in line with the current healthy food trend, it will present DimmidiSì Kale at Macfrut.

Kale is a superfood with various nutritional properties and is very popular with US celebrities such as Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow.

It has a high vitamin A,K and C content (useful for immune system, blood coagulation and metabolism) and it is a source of vitamin B6 (against fatigue). In addition, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. All these are properties consumers will appreciate and welcome, because kale is also an extremely versatile vegetable - it tastes good both raw or cooked and is excellent in smoothies.

Giuseppe and Andrea Battagliola, President and Sales manager of La Linea Verde.

DimmidiSì, a positive, cheerful and innovative brand, interprets superfood in a playful way inspired by the world of superheros. But packaging is also functional, and lists useful advice on preparation on the back. 

In addition to packets with just kale, there is also mixed salad with kale (green and red lettuce, baby spinach and kale).

DimmidiSì Kale and Mixed salad with Kale represent a response to the current consumption trends, which La Linea Verde aims at satisfying with fresh, innovative and trendy products. 

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