Air-freighted Chilean cherries arrived this week, and are very popular in the market. According to information from merchants, there are lots of buyers coming to check the fruits, but not purchasing many orders. The price of cherries continues to fall but is still higher than before. A 2.5kg package of JJ-class Santina sells for about ¥400/piece. The quality of the new arrivals this week is better than last week, especially in terms of hardness and water vapor.

Australian air-freighted cherries have been on the market for a long time. The arrival is not large but the sales are smooth. It is understood that due to the earlier production season and shortened customs clearance time, Australian cherries have arrived about two weeks earlier than before. The early arrivals are mostly small fruits, and the overall quality is good. Merchants said that because the price of Chilean cherries is high this year and lasts for a long time, and heavy rain affects the quality of arrivals, it provides opportunities for Australian cherries. Although the price of Australian cherries is higher than in the past, it is lower than that of Chilean products in the same period. The good weather in the production area is conducive to the quality of the fruits, so sales are smooth.

Left: Sichuan "Pinkerton" avocados; Right: Australian flat peaches

Australian peaches, including nectarines, honey peaches and flat peaches are all on the market. The market of white-fleshed nectarines is out of stock this week, with more yellow-fleshed nectarines. The main buyers have switched from merchants in the northern region in the past few weeks to merchants in Guangdong. In response to the market situation, it is reported that the price of honey peach has dropped by about one-third compared with the beginning of the season, and the price of flat peach has also dropped by about 15% compared with earlier.

The arrival of Monthong durians from Thailand and Vietnam is low and the price is high. Merchants said that it is difficult to get the fruits because of the high price at the origin. The price of Thai Monthong A6 has generally remained at ¥1150/piece in the past two weeks. The price of Vietnamese Monthong A6 was about ¥1100/piece earlier but has recently fallen back to ¥850-950/piece. The price of Vietnam Kanyao A6 is about ¥450/piece, relatively stable. Some merchants said that the quality of Thai Monthong recently arrived has been unstable, making buyers cautious when purchasing goods, while the quality of Vietnamese Monthong is relatively stable. Durian sales overall are slow.

Indonesian mangosteens

The market for mangosteens is relatively weak. Most of the arrivals are Indonesian mangosteens, and the price is lower than Thai mangosteens, which have fewer arrivals.

The price of imported pineapples dropped slightly, and the price of Hainan pineapples from China was slightly higher than the same period due to the shortage in the market. According to some merchants, some brands of Hainan pineapples have outstanding aroma, taste, and sweetness. The price per box is close to that of imported pineapples, about ¥150/piece, and the unit price is even higher. Because of its good taste and limited arrival, they are still sold smoothly.

Left: Vietnamese jackfruits; right: imported and Chinese pineapples

Domestic Venus apples, which have become more popular in recent years, are reported to have experienced a boom in sales last year and a large increase in market volume this year, resulting in lower prices and sales than before. Some merchants said that last year, this variety was about ¥22-26/kg, but this year it is more likely to be ¥14-18/kg. Moreover, some supply sources have average taste, and the overall sales have slowed down. Some brand owners also said that their brands’ sales prices and sales have been relatively stable in the past two years.

Left: Venus apples; Right: Yunnan Fenyu strawberries

As for other domestic fruits, in addition to the Hass variety produced in Yunnan, avocados currently include the Pinkerton variety from Sichuan and Yunnan. In addition to Dandong, there are also "Fenyu" strawberries produced in Yunnan that are on the market. The prices of the two are similar, with Dandong slightly higher. Merchants selling a variety of domestic high-quality fruits said that the current sales of Ehime oranges and Papa mandarins are relatively good.