Horticultural enterprises in southern Russia face challenges this year due to unfavourable weather conditions, leading to reduced yields and fruit quality. Increased costs for agricultural machinery, fuel, and fertilizers have lowered the industry's profitability to 12%. The shortage of fruit storage facilities has compelled farmers to reduce prices during the harvest season.

The Krasnodar Krai, a leading region in industrial horticulture, anticipates a decrease in fruit harvest to 550,000 tons. Despite these challenges, the region's horticultural sector is actively expanding, with orchard areas exceeding 31,000 hectares.

In Dagestan, another promising region, orchardists aim to increase the harvest to 230,000 tons. Despite adverse weather conditions, the region remains a leader in fruit production in Russia. The primary challenge lies in high supermarket prices, emphasizing the need for regulating trade markups.

Orchardists also express a desire for stricter restrictions on importing foreign fruits during the harvest season. It is crucial to enhance government support for the construction of fruit storage facilities to address the acute shortage nationwide.

source: interfax.ru