Bio Fruchtgemüse Produzenten e.V. wants to extend its quality lead and enter into an even closer exchange with its trade partners in the future when communicating the advantages of regionally produced association goods.

On Oct. 10 and 11, 2023, members met for their second official meeting since its founding in the fall of 2022. The association, made up of the 14 largest organic greenhouse operations in Germany, was founded with the intention of working together to increase the market share of regional organic fruit vegetables.

Participants talking at the Biogemüse Hegau farm.

The meeting focused on the external communication of the companies and the cooperation with trade marketing as supporting pillars for the coming season. The presentation of the member companies in the social media is to be significantly professionalized in the future. At the same time, there needs to be more direct exchange with trade partners on how to convince more consumers to buy regional organic products again.

"We as farms are already organic - now it's also a matter of making the customers organic," says CEO Rudolf Dworschak. "Especially in times of crisis, buying regionally produced organic products is not part of the problem, but part of the solution. This must be communicated more effectively, and for this we offer our active assistance to the trade partners."

Participants in the meeting (from left to right) Tim Große-Lengerich, Hannes Engelhardt, Anton Naderer, Rudolf Dworschak, Annalena Dworschak, Philipp Zell, Michael Schudde, Max Meißner, Patrick Schwienheer, Philip Mayer, Bernd Querdel, Peter Höfler.

The second day on Max Meißner's farm near Singen focused on cultivation practice. Organic tomatoes, organic peppers and organic cucumbers are grown here on 4.5 hectares of state-of-the-art greenhouse space. The members developed a concept to statistically evaluate the diverse approaches to soil management across farms and over the long term. "In the end, we hope for clear statements about the success factors in soil cultivation. In this way, we want to generate targeted knowledge within the association in order to secure and expand our quality lead," emphasizes Managing Director Michael Schudde.

The last stop of the day was spent with Heinrich Blank of the European Organic Fruit Forum. After a guided tour of the company's own organic apple orchards, the event was allowed to come to a close with the latest apple varieties, apple juice and lively discussions.

Images: Bio.Fru.Pro

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