Eskom’s outlook for this summer indicates that South Africans can expect lower stages of load shedding in late 2023 - early 2024. According to Eskom Acting Group Chief Executive, Calib Cassim, Eskom anticipates a lower Unplanned Capacity Loss Factor [UCLF] – or unplanned breakdowns – over the summer period. However, he warned that the power utility does not rule out load shedding stages rising.

“Our base case of 14 500MW [UCLF] shows a maximum of Stage 4 load shedding in terms of the outlook. Does it mean we are saying that there’ll be no stage 6? No we are not saying that. If the unplanned outages increase to the outer scenarios of 17,500 MW, then you would utilise Stage 6 to protect the integrity of the grid,” Cassim said on Wednesday.

The acting CEO explained why the power utility believes that it can achieve a UCLF of 14,500 MW over the coming months.