The fifth estimate of the Table Grape Committee of the Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile AG (ASOEX) maintained the export volume forecast. “We are making a new estimate, in which shipments are projected to reach 67.1 million boxes of 8.2 kilos. This is 9.7% lower than in the 2021-2022 campaign, and 0.9% lower than the Committee's previous estimate," stated the president of ASOEX, Ivan Marambio.

“Our quality has improved significantly, especially with the new varieties, which will account for 54% of all table grape shipments this season.”

According to this new estimate, the country will export 67,127,227 boxes of table grapes this season. 36,020,832 boxes will be of new varieties, 19,476,878 boxes of traditional varieties, and 11,629,517 boxes of Red Globe.

“The Chilean table grape industry is changing. It's renewing itself. That's what should be highlighted this season. We are enhancing the production of new varieties and improving quality to deliver a better consumption experience. For example, in the 2012-2013 season, Chile exported more than 27 million Red Globe grapes and 75,645,590 boxes of traditional grapes. In the same period, the country only exported 1,758,700 boxes of new varieties,” highlighted Ignacio Caballero, the Coordinator of the ASOEX Table Grape Committee.

This season, the country will export 6,316,018 boxes of black grapes, 22,993,325 boxes of white grapes, and 26,188,367 boxes of red grapes (not including Red Globe), he added. In the case of new red varieties, exports are estimated to reach 18,442,204 boxes. The Timco, Allison, Sweet Celebration, Scarlotta Seedless, Arra 29, Jack Salute, Candy Hearts, and Ralli Seedless are the most outstanding varieties. The country expects to ship 13,608,723 boxes of new white grapes, relieving the Arra 15, Timpson, Sweet Globe, Autum Crisp, Blanc Seedless, and Cotton Candy varieties.

Finally, Chile will export 4,402,993 boxes of new black grape varieties, such as the Sweet Flavors, Sable Seedless, Sapphire, Maylen, and Midnight Beauty varieties.