The table grape harvest season in Piura in the north of Peru is in the final stages for the company Fegurri. They are harvesting the last varieties of red and white seedless grapes according to Alejandro Carvajal, general manager of Fegurri Sac, situated in Piura, Peru: “We are harvesting Allison, Crimson and some Red Globe. The white grapes we are harvesting include Autumn Crisp, Sweet Globe.”

“We are finishing one more season of grapes with good volume, quality and condition of the berries. And the beginning of stage double pruning formation for this sub-tropical climate, we do not stop!” says Carvajal.

According to the second estimate of the Peruvian table grape association, Provid, the country is expected to export about 13% more than last season. About 22% of Peru's table grape harvest is grown in Piura. Carvajal describes the early Piura season as well as the shipping conditions and export markets where they send the fruit.

“It was a season with good volume but average fruit condition in the area, we have good quality and condition with management that stands out in the area of ​​Piura and Peru. Regarding the volumes we sent 10% more fruit. Our export markets are mainly in Asia that include the Chinese market, Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan while Europe and the USA feature too with prices above $20 fob average. This season our shipments arrived without last season’s problem of delays. I would say that it was more fluid than last year to all destinations,” concluded Carvajal.

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