China: Jingdong opens joint venture in Thailand

On 2 November, the Jingdong Group and the Shangtai Group officially established a joint venture company. Both parties declared that they will start a promotion for a completely new line of retail platforms for Thailand and the whole Southeast Asian region. This platform will use the 'JD Central' brand for its operations with '' as a web domain. With the help of this platform, and using the natural resources and favourable position of Thailand, Jingdong will have a reach into all the other Southeast Asian countries. At a fast pace, the best of Chinese products will be exported to the rest of Southeast Asia in large quantities. Southeast Asian fruits and other agricultural products will also very swiftly reach China.

Shangtai Group is reported to possess a complete offline retail network in Thailand, Vietnam and Europe. It has an aggregated total of 12 million 'The 1 Card' members. On this basis, it will assist Jingdong on aspects of logistics, big data analysis, supply chain management, online operations and other technologies. All of this will lead to an ecological retail system with a core competitive power. It also marks the entrance of the Shangtai Group into the era of online shopping.


Publication date: 11/13/2017

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