Italy: Cherry business enters new era

This is how Pablo Godoy, General Director of the Chilean fruit and vegetable packing plant Servicios San Cristobal Ltda., has recently commented on the new UNITEC technology. "Cherry Vision 3.0 technology makes us feel safe. We are sure that we own a very efficient tool to select cherry quality."

"After the excellent results of Cherry Vision and Cherry Vision 2 systems, the new Cherry Vision 3.0 is a smarter technology which allows total automatic classification and promotes a new era for the business of fruit and vegetable packing plants which process cherries. An era of the best possible results in the automatic quality evaluation of this precious fruit."

Cherry Vision 3.0, UNITEC Research & Development department has given a new and important response to the need of reducing costs in processing cherries. "Cherry Vision 3.0 is a very innovative system which represents an important step forward towards total automation – in many cases this has already been achieved in some UNITEC processing lines – in the cherry classification process, without the aid of manual selection in such a difficult and complex phase. Thanks to this new technology, labor costs are now minimized, possibly reduced to zero, with a total increase of the process efficiency."

"One of the Cherry Vision 3.0 advantages is that we can get a high-quality product. And since we are increasing volumes in Chile, one of the best way to stand out is to offer a high-quality end product." This is how Victor Maroto, Commercial Director of another Chilean fruit and vegetable packing plant, Exportadora Fruttita, has expressed his satisfaction.

From his words, Unitec understands another important advantage: in addition to high savings in labor costs, Cherry Vision 3.0 technology allows to provide clients (especially the Organized Large-scale Distribution) with unprecedented consistent quality over time.

"In fact, Cherry Vision 3.0 is provided with very high-resolution "eyes", which scan all the cherry surface to classify its characteristics: internal and external defects, stem absence or presence, overmature fruit, size, color, etc. This system is very reliable and allows to respond coherently and professionally to all delivery of goods to the Organized Large-scale Distribution. Consistent quality over time that leads to loyal customers, especially End Consumers.

Cherry Vision 3.0 technology guarantees consistent quality and thus builds trust in consumers after each purchase. The image and credibility of companies which choose this technology increase exponentially. And their Customers and End Consumers are led to choose Unitec selected products all the time."

"We feel that the new UNITEC Cherry Vision 3.0 system is the perfect tool, even in harder seasons than this one, where persistent rain may cause fruit damage".

Pablo Godoy of Servicios San Cristobal Ltda highlights the fact that Cherry Vision 3.0 has a competitive advantage even in cases of adverse weather conditions.

Cherry Vision 3.0 smart technology becomes then a certainty for anyone who processes cherries or who buys from the fruit and vegetable packing plants, as well as for end consumers. That's because there are no human errors due to fatigue or inattention, and thus all waste is minimized and production efficiency is enhanced.

Victor Maroto of Exportador Fruttita ends his interview in this way: "Today we get a high-quality end product with Cherry Vision 3.0 and this allows us to stand out and compete with the most difficult and important markets, such as the Asiatic one."

It is then evident that Cherry Vision 3.0 technology allows UNITEC customers to enlarge their business and to enter markets never considered before, even more demanding, but far more profitable.

Cherry Vision 3.0 becomes a strategic ally for the development of fruit and vegetable packing plant business, since it allows them to build trust in the cherry market.

Unitec technologies for quality selection are nowadays the most advanced in the world in the consistent classification of fruit and can be applied to many types of fruit (blueberries, apples, pears, kiwis, oranges, plums, apricots, lemons, peaches, nectarines, tomatoes, etc.) guaranteeing reliability, cost reduction and increasing trust between Suppliers and Customers, Producers and Consumers.

"As Unitec group" – declares Nour Abdrabbo, General and Commercial Director Of Unitec Chile branch – "we feel very grateful towards our Customers who have put their trust in us. We are very satisfied and proud of the fact that we have helped to improve their businesses. This was our only objective in the past and it will be as well in the future in our new projects".

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