Levarht presents new slogan

'Bringing the best together'. Levarht, based in the Netherlands, wants to use these words to make its mark on the market in the years to come. Claas van Os, Marketing Director and NBD at Dutch fruit and vegetable wholesaler, Levarht: "Our speciality is connecting the correct chain partners. For Levarht, partnerships are everything. Our new slogan will help us communicate this."

The company's previous slogan, 'Your source to freshness', was, according to Claas, not distinctive enough anymore. "This slogan emphasises the supply chain and our own cultivation. We are the source in this supply chain, because of a combination of our own production farms and our partnership with Van Nature. In the past five years, this has become a prerequisite for retailers, rather than a unique selling point. We returned to the source and took a look at what makes us unique."

Happy consumer 
Levarht has Dutch, British, Scandinavian and German supermarkets in their customer base. They also have international customers; from the USA to Japan and from China to the Middle East. "We often connect our supermarkets to selected growers. These growers have been involved in supply chain organisation and the setup of required specifications and certifications. In this way, we guarantee quality and availability. Together with our partner farmers on each continent, we are able to ensure year-round supply and so, also sell our customers products, even out of season."

"We connect growers and customers with each other by paying careful attention to their needs. By properly coordinating supply and demand, we are able to keep the time between harvesting and deliveries to a minimum. This enables us to cut a lot of costs in the chain along the way. This ultimately results in us being able to put products that are as fresh as possible on the shelves. By keeping consumers happy, you generate your preferences and, with that, repeat purchases. We are not the lowest cost supplier, but, in the end, working with us will increase profits. This is because turnovers increase and because we can reduce chain costs and quality losses." 

Knowledge partners
"We connect chain partners in this way. We often do not even handle the products. It is crucial that partners share knowledge with each other. The more open the chain, the better the mutual results are. In the end, seed companies, logistics partners, farmers, and supermarkets all work together to meet consumers' needs. Together we can resolve issues and seize opportunities. A good example is the way in which we collaborate in the vertical and horizontal farming project in the Middle East where lettuce and herbs are being grown. Other Dutch companies, Philips Lighting, Delphy and Rijk Zwaan, among others, are participating in this." An excellent example of 'Bringing The Best Together'."

Colourful hands
Besides the slogan, the visualisation has also changed completely. "We chose hands of all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, both our business and the sector are made up of people. Hands embrace, connect, are personal, and inviting. Through this visualisation, we want to reiterate the message that we can only achieve the highest achievable results by making the correct connections." 

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