Despite challenges faced by some of Brazil's main competitors in apple production, such as Chile, New Zealand, and South Africa, the expected increase in Brazilian fresh apple exports for the 2022/23 season did not materialize as anticipated. Industry experts consulted by Hortifruti Brasil attribute this to factors such as the delayed harvest in Brazil, resulting in low national stock that needed quick replenishment after harvesting, and an oversupply in key destinations like India.

While the export volume did not experience a significant increase, the revenue from fresh apple exports witnessed a more encouraging boost. The delayed harvest and the need for swift replenishment likely impacted the overall volume exported.

During the period from January to September 2023, the main destinations for Brazilian apples were Bangladesh, constituting 42% of the total exports; India, accounting for 33%; and the United Kingdom, with a share of 9%. It's noteworthy that Russia, which previously held the third position in the ranking of key destinations, has seen a decline in rank due to geopolitical factors associated with the Russia-Ukraine war and resulting sanctions against Russia.