Stockton Group held a meeting in the Dominican Republic with Duwest to celebrate the "Best New biopesticide 2013" award presented to its leading product, Timorex Gold, at the renowned international event Agrow Awards.

The event was attended by area executives and producers, as well as consultants and technicians, who enjoyed hearing about the high-tech of Timorex Gold and received appreciation for the support and confidence they provide to the product. 
Timorex Gold is a natural broad spectrum fungicide able to control a great many fungal diseases in various crops such as fruits, vegetables, rice, coffee and bananas. It is distributed through large agribusiness companies all over the world, such as Syngenta (Mexico and Chile), TQC (Peru), Duwest (Dominican Republic), ROMO (Panama) and others. Timorex Gold is available in over 25 countries and it is about to enter the United States and Brazil.

"One of the main challenges for producers today is the combination of better handling practices from pre- to post-harvest with a responsible management of land and environment," explained Peter Tirosh, founder of Stockton Group. "Timorex Gold has set high standards and values, ​​helping growers in handling plant diseases in a sustainable and secure manner, while preventing any negative consequences for the environment."

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