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Pakistan: 64% growth in exports to Qatar

From July 2017 to January 2018 Pakistan recorded a 64% surge in exports to Qatar, according to an official at the Embassy of Pakistan in Doha.

Citing figures from the State Bank of Pakistan, Commercial secretary Salman Ali said Pakistan exports to Qatar in July 2017 stood at $5.66 million and increased to $8.74 in January 2018. They were  exceeding the $8 million mark for the first time since May 2012.

He said Pakistan's major exports to Qatar included rice, red meats, fresh fruits, vegetables, cotton and fabric of all types, leather and related articles, cereal straw and husk as well as fish and related products.

'Besides a policy of self-reliance, Qatar views Turkey, Iran, Oman, and Pakistan as the long-term source of food and other supplies,' Ali noted.

According to, with Pakistan's current strategy to facilitate exports, some of the products in focus are processed/frozen food items, raw chicken and meat, dairy items, fresh fruits and vegetables and food packaging materials.

Publication date: 3/2/2018

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