Chocolatier chooses California prunes for their Christmas collection

Chocolatier Paul. A. Young is featuring premium quality California prunes in no less than four of his chocolate themed creations this Christmas. 

The following California prune inspired gastronomic treats will be on offer in Paul’s three London shops over the festive period:

California prune and nut chocolate is a luxury take on the classic fruit and nut bar and joins the seasonal collection of chocolates which can be bought on an individual basis or as part of a bespoke selection. Commenting on the festive range, Paul says, “The fact that I have chosen to include California prunes in so many of my products this year reflects the high regard I have for this versatile ingredient. As well as imparting an intense hit of natural sweetness, these prunes work brilliantly to achieve the desire texture and unrivalled rich flavor associated with any of our chocolate creations.”

Esther Ritson-Elliott
California Prune Board UK

Publication date: 12/19/2017

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