China: Sales of apples are slowing down

"Sannong China" has reported that the recent market situation gives cause for concern. Temperatures have fallen and all kinds of seasonal fruits have arrived at the markets. 

The three main winter fruits, also known as "Three treasures": apples, pomelo and oranges - occupied half of the Chinese fruit stores. However, the future of apples is unclear. Compared to  previous years, apple sales are slow. They barely reach 30% of last year's sales.
Usually the price decreases at the end of the harvest season, but this year the price of apples is still high. Because of the yield reduction in the main production areas, the purchase price was higher than usual. 

Shandong apple gardens enter the harvest period at the end of October. Apple producers said, that compared to previous years, this year's apples are larger, juicier and crispier, but less sweet. The price of apples from the smaller producing areas is also higher than they were before. On the one hand, the production costs have increased. On the other hand, the retail price has decreased. In this situation, intermediaries don't want to work with apples and thus contribute to the overall decline in sales.

Source: CNR

Publication date: 12/7/2017

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