Jackfruit giant in India's Tumakuru district

A 35 year old jackfruit tree in the Tumakuru district produces a unique variety of jackfruit called "Siddu", with big red flakes that are not only tasty but also have high nutritive value. The owner of the tree can now finally capitalise on the tree.

Farmer S.S. Paramesha is set earn 100.000 rupees (1.300 euros) from this tree over the next year.

Since the owner is unable to multiply this variety, the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) has agreed to multiply it through grafting. The IIHR will sell these saplings and  75% of the proceeds will go to the farmer.

The Hindu News was told that IIHR has already received an order for 10,000 saplings, and sales will commence in two months. The unique tree in question yields very small fruits with an average weight of 2.44 kg, as against the 10-20 kg of normal varieties.

Publication date: 12/6/2017

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