China: Cold weather pushes up vegetable prices

Winter has brought cold air and high vegetable prices to Beijing. The latest data show that the weighted average price of vegetables in the Beijing Xinfadi Market has increased by 3.54% compared to the previous statistical cycle. Most affected were the prices of zucchini and cauliflower, which have risen by 30 to 60%.

Liu Tong from the Xinfadi Market statistics department said that the change in vegetable prices is in line with seasonal fluctuations. It is natural that the prices of vegetables rise after the cold weather begins. The wholesale price of zucchini reached 2.4-3.4 yuan per kilo, which is a 31.28% rise compared to the previous statistical cycle.

Liu Tong explained that because of the winter cold, the speed at which zucchini grows is slower than before. Newly arrived zucchinis were grown in the heated greenhouses and their price is higher. After the price of Northern zucchini increased, zucchinis from Yunnan and Guanxi, that were grown in the open air, will enter the Market and prices are likely to stabilise thereafter.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Publication date: 12/4/2017

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