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The German packaging solutions company, Multivac, has developed the G 700 within their tray sealer line. This is a high-tech solution, ideal for packaging fresh produce in order for them to have a longer shelf-life. These products include fresh herbs, vegetables, fruit and other fresh products. The machine can also be used for ready-made meals of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to the innovative gas flushing technology, even the most delicate products or those with a crumbly consistency, can be safely packaged in a modified atmosphere (MAP packaging). 

The machine offers a fast, efficient packaging process. It is also highly flexible when it comes to various kinds of trays. With this G 700 tray sealer, Multivac is playing in on an important trend - convenience. The demand for fresh, prepared vegetables, fruit and potatoes, ready-made meals, anti-pasta and salads is ever-increasing.

Multivac will demonstrate the G 700 tray sealer at Fruit Logistica 2018 on 7, 8 and 9 February in Berlin in Hall 3.1, Stand D-06. The G 700 is equipped with a special perforator for the production of FreshSAFE packs. The top layer of the tray is perforated during the packaging process. This ensures an equal modified environment (EMAP packaging) during packaging. Fruit, vegetables and salads stay fresher for longer without the addition of preservatives.

Efficient and gentle
Depending on the kind of packaged product, the G 700 tray packages products without or without a modified atmosphere. If it gets packaged with a modified atmosphere, the machine gas flushes the tray. As a result, the tray does not need to be vacuum-packed. It makes the packaging process more gentle, meaning the machine can be used for even very fragile products. The G 700 has a maximum capacity of 15 cycles per minute during MAP packaging. Without MAP, it achieves 18 cycles per minute. 

Highly flexible
Besides plastic trays, the G 700 can also process trays made from other materials, such as aluminium, cardboard or foam. Even trays with various partitions and sizes to a maximum depth of 110 mm. The machine has a precise tray transport system, which ensures that the trays are carefully transported. Changing the dies is quick and easy.

When it comes to loading and feeding the trays, the G 700 can be equipped with various Multivac conveyor systems, allowing for the integration of different infeeds. The G 700 has an innovative, ergonomic, user-friendly interface with a high level of process reliability.

- Die changing, including warming up, in approximately 15 minutes;
- Multivac Hygienic Design TM for maximum hygiene and easy cleaning:
- Suitable for a complete wash-down (protection class IP 65); 
- Compact line tray sealer, designed for single-track; 
- Energy efficient servo drive; 
- Output with sealing only is 18 cycles p/m, with MAP packaging, it is 15 cycles p/m. 
- Safe, ergonomic user interface; 
- IPC controls with HMI 2.0 graphic user environment; 
- Robust, durable stainless steel construction;
- Minimal consumption: compressed air < 0,1 l/cycle, does not use coolant. 

The G 700 is designed for the packaging of convenience products in MAP packaging. These include ready-made meals, snacks, vegetables, fruit and salads. Multivac's packaging solutions comply with the highest demands in terms of shelf-life, safety and product presentation.

Packaging under natural atmosphere
Technically the simplest packaging solution for the sealing of trays with no modified atmosphere. This packaging protects the product against outside influences. It does not, however, ensure a longer shelf-life.

Packaging in a balanced atmosphere
Through micro perforation, the permeability of the top foil coincides with the product's breathing frequency. This creates an equal atmosphere with leads to delicate products having an increased shelf-life.

Packaging in a modified atmosphere
With MAP, the air in the pack is replaced with a gas mixture that is tailored to the product. The goal is to maintain the form, colour and freshness of the product. Since prepared products, ready-made meals and salads are usually very vulnerable; no vacuum is used during the process. Packaging gets filled, quickly and evenly, with the selected gas mixture before it is sealed.

Multivac's tray sealer portfolio
Multivac builds the most comprehensive range automatic and semi-automatic tray sealers in the world. Multivac's automaitc tray sealers can be used for the packaging of a relatively wide assortment of food stuffs. The trays, of various shapes, sizes and materials, such as plastic, aluminium and cardboard can be sealed in a number of different kinds of top films. The trays are also processed in a reliable, careful manner. The machines are ideal for the production of MAP and EMAP packaging, as well as vacuum skin packaging. In this way, processed fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and meat products, dairy products and ready-made meals are perfectly packaged to last longer. The machines can be equipped with, for example, automatic tray densters, filling systems, labellers, robots and diverse transportation systems. In addition, it is possible to quickly and easily change to a different size tray on the same machine. Trays also do not need to be filled on the machine; it can be done just before the sealing process. The Multivac automatic tray sealers are available in various series.

It is also possible to package smaller amounts of food products with, for instance, the Multivac semi-automatic tray sealers. The compact size and mobility of the semi-automatic series machines make them very flexible.

About Multivac
Multivac is a global leader in packaging solutions for not only all kinds of foodstuffs, life-science and pharmaceutical products, but also for industrial products. Their product portfolio includes solutions for virtually all their clients' needs. These include deep -drawing machines, tray sealers, cutting and processing machines, vacuum machines, labelling machines and quality control systems. They also offer automated solutions. Multivac also offers complete packaging lines. The Multivac Group has about 5 200 employees worldwide, of which 1 900 work at their head office in Wolfertschwenden, Germany. The group has more than 80 subsidiaries in every continent. More than 1 000 sales consultants and maintenance engineers worldwide, use their knowledge and experience to guarantee that each client's installed Multivac machines perform at their maximum. 

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