Supplies into the US are strong

Cold temperatures slow down demand for mangos

As the import mango market transitions from Ecuador to Peru, supplies look healthy.
“Sizes are starting to peak larger as Ecuador finishes and Peru strengthens,” says Michael Napolitano of Fort Lauderdale, Fl.-based HLB Specialties LLC. “This is caused by the change in variety. Ecuador produces mostly Tommy Atkins which tend to run smaller and Peru produces mostly Kents which tend to run larger.”

Supplies from Peru started off light, but are now beginning to ship good volumes that can be promotional, especially on 9ct and larger says Ronnie Cohen of Vision Import Group in Hackensack, NJ. “It appears that smaller-caliber fruit will be a much smaller percentage of the crop,” says Cohen.

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Yet, Ecuador seems to have shipped much more volume in December 2017 than in 2016. “Peru came in a bit later due to some cold weather, so Ecuador filled the gap and then some,” says Napolitano. “With Peru increasing volume as Ecuador finishes we expect strong supplies to continue.”

Competitive pricing
Pricing meanwhile on small sizes has been competitive with promotional opportunity, notes Napolitano. “And as Ecuador winds down we are seeing less volume on small sizes and more volume on large sizes from Peru, so prices seem to be evening out across sizes,” he says. “With good volume on all sizes, pricing is staying competitive to keep demand up.”

Photo: HLB Specialties LLC

However current cold temperatures across the continent seem to be affecting mango movement. “Cold weather in some part of the US can impact demand—however promotional volumes should stimulate demand,” says Napolitano.

Cohen agrees. “This year we’re battling much colder temperatures here in the USA and that has slowed movement,” he says.

Growth in consumption
Overall though consumption prospects look good for mango in North America. “Consumption will continue to increase here in the USA,” says Cohen. “We have many years to come as the mango industry continues to mature. Customers are looking more towards ready-to-eat and fresh-cut and this will be a big part of the future continued consumption.”

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