Fruit Logistica 2018:

Kronen to show off novelties and live machinery presentations for its 40th anniversary

In 1978 Kronen GmbH was founded and in 1998 Kronen was taken over by Rudolf Hans Zillgith as the Managing Director. “Thus, in 2018 the company celebrates a ‘double’ anniversary: 40 years of Kronen and 20 years of Zillgith/Kronen."

Kronen Managing Directors: Rudolf-Hans and Stephan Zillgith

"We want to take the opportunity to thank our customers and partners for the long-term partnership and collaboration, which made 40 years of Kronen happen.” explains Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of Kronen. He said that multiple systems will be on show at Fruit Logistica 2018, including:

Drying system K650 for fruit, vegetables, lettuce, mushrooms and herbs in large volumes 

With the drying system K650 Kronen presents an effective system for the industrial application for drying a wide variety of lettuce and vegetable products as well as sliced fruit in a continuous treatment process. The drying system will be presented to the trade audience at Fruit Logistica 2018 for the first time. 

Kronen drying system K650: Processing line with conveyors

Depending on consistency, shape and size of the product and the desired degree of drying, spinning times and speeds can be adjusted via a touch screen. This enables an effective, gentle and short drying cycle. The capacity covers 400 to 2800 kg/h depending on the product. 

Kronen drying system K650 for spinning and drying of sliced fruits, vegetables, salads, mushrooms and herbs in big amounts.

Some parameters are automated, e.g. the speed of the buffer and outfeed conveyors. With an optional volume control the product feed quantity can be optimised. Without product the machine switches to energy saving mode automatically. At the end of the drying cycle the product is gently routed out onto the outfeed conveyor, which guarantees a product flow that is as uniform as possible for the downstream processes.

Vegetable rice: Processing with the cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V 

A new trend of interest to the convenience and fresh cut market is the so-called vegetable rice, namely broccoli and cauliflower stems or also carrots cut in small pieces and resembling rice. 

Kronen KUJ V cube, strip and slice cutting machine 

The product targets those consumer groups preferring food which is healthy and rich of vegetables or having decided to live and eat even fully vegetarian. It can be used as a main dish component (e.g. for risotto) but also a side dish as well. On the other hand, the vegetable rice fulfills the demand of many consumers who value nutritious food and appreciate convenient and quick preparation at the same time. 

Cauliflower rice and broccoli rice cut with the Kronen KUJ V

Vegetable rice can be processed with the Kronen cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V in exact cutting quality and in a single operation. Hence, one can cut small, oblong vegetable strips from different sorts of vegetables using various alignments such as a format of 3 x 3 x 5 mm. 

Vegetable spiral cutting machine SPIRELLO 150 for different kinds and sizes of products 

Kronen's vegetable spiral cutting machine SPIRELLO 150 can process many different kinds and sizes of products. Kronen will deliver the serial number 220 of SPIRELLO by the end of the year 2017. Due to the solid demand the machine will also be displayed at the show. 

Vegetable spiral cutting machine SPIRELLO 150

With the SPIRELLO 150, users are able to cut large quantities of vegetables in decorative spirals in a quick and clean way (such as carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, zucchini, celeriac etc.). With up to 680 revolutions per minute, the machine cuts vegetables into meter-long vegetable spaghetti within seconds. They can be shortened optionally with a length limit knife by interval switching. 

Vegetable spirals, cut with SPIRELLO 150

The machine also has an automatic system separating product and waste product. The Kronen claims that the SPIRELLO 150 scores with a very minimal amount of waste since the vegetable product is cut in spirals completely – leaving only a small piece from the top.

Integrated UVC water disinfection: Washing machine GEWA 3800 B for salad, vegetables, fruit and more 

On display, too, will be the GEWA 3800B Plus washing machine, equipped with a new, integrated UVC water disinfection system. By this means the wash water will permanently be disinfected and returned to the water cycle as germ-free process water. For this purpose, the market-proven UV components of company sterilAir (CH-Weinfelden) are in use, which meet the high demands of the food industry. 

Washing machine GEWA 3800 B for salad, vegetables, fruit and others

The use of the UVC reactor serves in particular: 
  • The prevention of cross-contamination 
  • Ensures higher process reliability 
  • Allows a reduction in the amount of water used. 
The washing machine works continuously using a combination of water agitation for cleaning, without mechanical immersion. You can adjust the machine to the specific requirements of your product. For example, delicate salad and baby leaf products require a more gentle wash than harder root vegetables. The system can be adapted to the individual requirements of each user, as it is the case for all Kronen models. 

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