China: First unmanned warehouse

A few days ago, Jingdong Logistics introduced the world's first completely unmanned warehouse to the public. It is the first logistics centre in the world with a complete process sequence that is unmanned and operating on a large scale. And what's more, it's running on clean energy! The whole roof is plastered with solar cells. It charges up with energy during the day and releases it for the night time operations. 

During the first open day, the complete process, from entering the warehouse, to storing, packaging and distribution was demonstrated to be completely smart and automated. It is a milestone in every aspect of the logistics sector.

The unmanned warehouse is located in the Jiading district of Shanghai. It is the third phase project of the Shanghai Asia first comprehensive programme. The total surface of the structure covers 40,000 square meters. The logistics centre is made up of four main operating systems: goods reception, storage, ordering and selection and packaging. The storage system consists of 8 trucks that shuttle back and forth, allowing the storage of 60,000 cases of products.

Source: Tencent Technology,

维 (維) [Wéi]

  • abbr. for Uighur 維å�¾çˆ¾|ç»´å�¾å°”[Wei2 wu2 er3]
  • surname Wei

维 (維) [wéi]

  • to preserve
  • to maintain
  • to hold together
  • dimension
  • vitamin (abbr. for 維生素|维生素[wei2 sheng1 su4])

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