American northwestern cherries completely engulf Chinese market

"Usually, the supply period of northwest American cherries is between the end of May and the beginning of August. This year, because of the cold weather, cherries blossomed rather late, so the production season was delayed by around two weeks, from the middle of June to the end of August," Mr. Liu of the American Northwest Cherry Growers Association states.

Mr. Liu and Mr. Sonny Perdue of the American Department of Agriculture

"Because of its excellent environment and modern production facilities, compared to the Chinese cherry production, American cherries are bigger, have a darker color, are juicier and have a sweeter taste. In order to let the Chinese consumer taste our cherries as soon as possible, we use a chartered plane to transport them. The whole process from picking cherries to bringing them to China takes less than 48 hours."

Mr. Liu explains the development of northwest American cherries in China to Mr. Sonny Perdue of the American Department of Agriculture

"Actually, our cherries had already arrived on the Chinese market in 2005. Our annual import volume has now grown from 30,000 boxes (20 pound per box) back then, to 2 million boxes, which is almost 70 times as much. The popularity on the Chinese market is obvious. Because of the big increase in imports, our cherries are now also sold through traditional sales channels and on e-commerce platforms, going from the high end market to every family in China."

Northwestern cherries: big, dark, juicy and sweet

"Our packaging is another reason that the consumer loves our cherries. When he buys a product, the consumer is used to touching the fruit, in order to feel if they are hard enough. This easily damages the cherries. Our packaged cherries have been chosen with the utmost care, to make sure the quality is good. The sales in first tier cities have already matured, so we are now working to expand to second and third tier cities. We want even more consumers to try our high quality cherries."

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