A total of 11,564,000 boxes of Ecuadorian mangoes had already been exported in week 48, which is 10% more than in the previous year. "We believe we still have about 700,000 more boxes to be harvested. If we achieve this, we could be finishing the season with about 12 million boxes exported, which is 1 million more than last year," assured Sergio Cedeño, of the Mango Ecuador Foundation.

"Although prices have been slightly lower than last year's, given that the markets were saturated in November, mainly with small calibres, this year the weather has been our best ally. For the first time in history, the harvest has started 3 to 4 weeks early," highlighted Cedeño.

Statistics show that 91% of the total volume has been exported to the United States, but it is worth noting that the fruit has also been introduced to the Chinese market this year. "This is a niche market for us, where fruit has a higher cost and is sold ready to eat. This time, it has been more like a test; we have made joint efforts to promote the fruit, which we believe will gain a foothold in the market next year if we manage to make our varieties stand out," affirmed the representative.

"The fight to open more markets for Ecuadorian mangoes will continue. The process is tedious, but our negotiations so far have been successful. If the governments reach agreements in favour of removing tariffs, as neighbouring countries have done, the task will become much easier for us," concluded the spokesperson.

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