Three years ago, BlueDrop and BerryTech joined forces with a shared vision to expand their berry business in Mexico and the USA. “BerryTech, as valued partner, contributes extensive expertise as a nursery and genetic developer, boasting a remarkable 30-year legacy in the berries industry. Complementing this, BlueDrop brings a revolutionary comprehensive integrated platform for success, emphasizing the importance of innovation and collaboration in the ever-evolving world of agriculture,” says Carlos Diaz, Genetics Manager at BlueDrop, who is based in Mexico.

Vertical Integration: The Comprehensive Platform for Success
BlueDrop, originating as growers, swiftly recognized the significance of a unified system for ensuring successful outcomes. “Consequently, we established a robust vertical integration that propels the success of our program, highlighting the key divisions of Genetics, Commercial, and our Nursery. Thanks to the Genetics division, we meticulously search, test, and develop only the varieties with proven potential in the market. The Nursery division ensures the delivery of high-quality plants, securing the foundation of our success. Moreover, through the Commercial division, we efficiently reach final customers, allowing us to rapidly scale our businesses and give service to our third-party growers,” explains Diaz.

Arrival and birth of new varieties
The collaboration commenced with the introduction of Clarita raspberries, a commercially successful vibrant light red variety. Simultaneously, the partners unveiled a set of coded materials, symbolizing untapped market potential. “Notably, Amalia Rossa has emerged as a breakthrough variety with exceptional qualities. Additionally, one blackberry that is in the pre-commercial stage at BlueDrop facilities, shows immense promise for the future,” states Diaz.

They conducted comprehensive pre-commercial tests on the new berry varieties. These tests assessed productivity, tolerance to pests and diseases, shelf life, and flavor, ensuring that the materials met the stringent criteria essential for growers and distributors.

Launch of an exclusive genetic program
Thanks to the extensive testing, BlueDrop established the productivity and market potential of their berry varieties under their master license. “Subsequently, we unveiled our exclusive genetic program, inviting a select group of commercial partners to participate. This innovative model aims to empower growers, making them more independent in managing their crops and leveling the playing field within the supply chain, fostering greater collaboration between breeders, nurseries, and distributors. BerryTech and BlueDrop as partners continue to empower growers and foster collaboration within the industry, the future of berries in Mexico and the USA is poised for a bountiful harvest of innovation and success,” concludes Diaz.

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