In HCMC’s Tam Binh District, the highest-quality king oranges (type 1) are now sold at VND4,000, type 2 at VND3,000, and bulk prices at VND2,000, according to the Vinh Long Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. The oversupply issue is widespread, with millions of tonnes of stockpiles in the Mekong Delta, including one million tonnes in Vinh Long alone.

Farmers, still recovering from previous losses, are cultivating king oranges with less attention to quality, resulting in misshapen fruits that further contribute to the price decline. To address the surplus, efforts are underway to promote king oranges in new markets, including HCMC’s industrial zones, Binh Duong, and northern regions. Additionally, agriculture departments in the Mekong Delta are encouraging food processing businesses to incorporate king oranges into new products.

Since May, discussions have been ongoing between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s department of crop production and Chinese regulators to establish quality standards for citrus fruits. This initiative aims to open up the possibility of exporting citrus fruits, potentially alleviating oversupply issues and supporting local farmers.