According to Acorbanec, Ecuador exported a total of 300.89 million boxes of bananas from January to October 2023, i.e. 7.09% more than in the same period of 2022.

29.12% of the total was sent to the European Union, which was the main market for Ecuadorian fruit; 21.09% to Russia; 14.99% to the Middle East; 9.15% to the United States, 6.84% to the Southern Cone; 6.15% to East Asia; 5.44% to Africa; 2.99% to Central Asia; 1.48% to Eastern Europe; 1.37% to the United Kingdom; 0.94% to Oceania (New Zealand); 0.41% to EFTA (Norway); 0.003% to Canada; and 0.03% to other markets.

There was an increase in exports to the European Union (+20.44%), Russia (+3.25%), the United States by (+6.79%), the UK (+18.10%), Africa (+24.28%), East Asia (+23.33%), Central Asia (+1.54%), and Oceania (+21.83%). However, there were decreases in the Middle East (-6.23%), the Southern Cone (-2.70%), Eastern Europe (-39.58%), EFTA (-11.54%), and Canada (-81.83%).

By country, Russia is the main destination with a 21.09% share. It is followed by the United States with a 9.15% share, the Netherlands with 7.24%, Turkey with 5.15%, and China with 4.35%.

The import dynamics of the countries of Ecuador's largest banana importing block, the European Union, were quite different and interesting.

Estonia (+199.45%), France (+173.90%), Poland (+158.86%), Cyprus (+129.49%), and Finland (+109.45%) had the largest increases in import volumes, while Denmark and Spain recorded the largest decrease in imports in the period (-78.38% and -50.44%, respectively).

It's worth noting that the largest importers in the EU-27 have increased their purchases, in most cases significantly. The Netherlands, which accounted for 24.88% of the European market's purchases in this period, increased its purchases by 11.42%; Germany, with a 14.06% share, increased its imports by 32.91%; Italy, with an 11.52% share of the Community market, purchased 12.75% more bananas; and Greece, with a 10.18% share, has bought 36.80% more bananas from Ecuador between January and October of this year.