In their North American Agribusiness Review, experts from the Rabobank have assessed strawberry shipping-point prices are around USD 10 per flat for non-organic product (-47% YOY) during the first half of October, as shipments from California continue steady.

Blueberry production and exports out of Peru have declined as an unusually warm winter impacted yields. Due to this, fresh blueberry availability in the US is down about 60% YOY, while wholesale prices in the US average over USD 5/lb for non-organic fruit, up about 120% YOY by mid-October, showing that year-round demand has considerably expanded.

After a delayed start, California table grapes were affected by atypical rain. Fruit quality and availability declined while harvesting costs increased considerably. By mid-October, blended prices were about USD 32 per box, up 50% YOY. Similarly, stone fruit crop was impacted by Hurricane Hilary, with some operators are ending the season early.

Prices for peaches and nectarines are up about 30% YOY. Prices will remain elevated the rest of the season. Lemon shipping-point prices -140s- were just over USD 43 per carton, up 32% YOY, surpassing the five-year average for mid-October by 18%. The USDA estimates that US lemon crop will decline in 2023/24 by 12% YOY. Valencia orange prices -88s- were around USD 25 per carton, up 1% with respect to the five-year-average for mid-October.

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