Ukrainian apple varieties, including Gala, Schniga, Schniko Red, and Red Velox, cultivated by the agricultural company "Agrarna Kompaniya 2004" in the Khmelnytskyi region, have made their debut in international markets.

The harvest from newly planted orchards is exclusively earmarked for export, with shipments reaching Europe and Asia. Alexander Baran, the farm's horticultural agronomist, commended the natural, high-quality colouration of these varieties, noting their rich, dark-red hue by September without the need for additional stimuli or temperature fluctuations.

To enhance apple quality, "Agrarna Kompaniya 2004" employs modern technologies such as gibberellins, thinning agents, and chemical thinning, ensuring elongated, clean fruits with a calibre of at least 6.5. Baran emphasized the justification of these techniques, citing the significantly different export prices and improved yields compared to apples sold in the domestic market. The company has direct contracts with countries such as Sweden and Saudi Arabia, solidifying its presence in the international fruit trade.