Although smaller in size, Sweet Karoline® blackberries pack a big flavor punch. The variety is a little blackberry that is primed to put more blackberries in more households. With blackberries trailing their berry counterparts (raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries) in household penetration, better-tasting blackberry varieties are the key to getting more consumers to try them.

Building on the past few years’ momentum, Berry Fresh is excited for this year’s Sweet Karoline season from Mexico. “We are excited about this year’s season and our plans to promote Sweet Karoline with our retailer partners and straight to the end customers as well,” says Jyoti Bhogal, VP of sales & marketing. “Customers are asking for this variety now, and we have plans to expand our distribution.”

Sweet Karoline is forecasted to begin entering the market in late December, with the heavier supply hitting in late February and continuing through spring.

Sweet Karoline is a blackberry variety co-owned by Berry Fresh and known for its sweet flavor and resistance to red cells.

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