If Ukraine's international relations with certain Asian countries change, the export of Red Delicious apples could significantly increase. This opinion was expressed in an interview by Vladyslav Makarenko, co-owner of the "Makosad" farm (Chernivtsi region). Currently, Red Delicious apples make up 10% of the orchard in this farm.

"The percentage of it in our orchard depends directly on how closely we will trade with India and Pakistan, where it is the number one variety," Makarenko explained. "Because in the Middle East, where we mainly export to, Red Delicious is taken selectively, more for assortment."

The prospects for Ukrainian exports of Red Delicious also exist in Iraq, and this country will even take second-class apples. The main varieties in this country are Golden and Red Delicious.

"Tomorrow, for example, if some agreements on cooperation with these countries are signed, this variety could see a significant increase in demand," Makarenko said.

The potential for exporting Red Delicious apples is increased due to their firmness and ease of transportation.

The USA currently produces the most Red Delicious apples in the world.

Source: agrotimes.ua