The political chaos in Peru is already severely affecting different economic sectors, such as the agricultural sector. According to estimates by the Association of Agricultural Producers Guilds of Peru (AGAP), at least 150,000 agricultural workers have been unable to get to work because of the protests. In addition, according to estimates by Fresh Fruit, by Friday, when transit normalized in the Pan American Highway, the country had already lost more than 130 million dollars in lost shipments.

"The most affected products were the in-season produce, especially grapes and blueberries, as their production was peaking. One of the most affected regions was Ica, as it is the main producer of grapes for export. Estimates are that the workers of the agro-export sector in this area are losing more than S/ 2 million per day. Grape and blueberry shipments in the first ten days of December were 7% higher than in 2021 and 16% higher than in 2020," the firm stated.

"VirĂº S.A. was the most affected exporting company, as its shipments in the last ten days decreased by up to 58% compared to last year. Clashes on the roads around the Viru district prevented workers from arriving at the plants, receiving products, and distributing the products that have already been processed. As a result, the company had to suspend its operations to safeguard the integrity of its workers," concluded Fresh Fruit.