The Region of Murcia has opened a new trade route for the export of fruit and vegetables. On this occasion, the region has started shipments of lettuce and endive to the United States. The first endives have already been shipped, and the first shipment of lettuce will be sent next week.

The Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Environment, and Emergencies, Antonio Luengo, paid a visit to the Grupo Lucas company, which worked with the El Monarca company to open this new international trade route.

"The producers and exporters of the Region of Murcia know no limits, and starting now, Americans will be able to enjoy these wonderful products that are grown in our community," the counselor stated. "There are still many markets that remain to be conquered, so we must continue to promote these processes and invest in them," he added.

"We must recognize the investment that Grupo Lucas and El Monarca are making to cover the extra cost of shipping these products by plane to the United States, as it is the only means of transport that currently guarantees they have the organoleptic properties demanded by the customers," Luengo stated.

The Minister concluded the visit by acknowledging the progress made in recent years, which has allowed the consolidation of exports to all the countries of Europe, the growth of shipments to the Asian market, and the opening of new trade routes using faster means of transport to the United States."