Bangladesh's recent decision to nearly double the import duty on grapes from Rs 66 to Rs 104 per kg has led to a decrease in export traders' interest in procuring grapes, impacting market prices. The Jumbo grape, a variety grown in Junnar taluka, Pune district, Maharashtra, has seen prices fall between Rs 50 and 70 per kg, resulting in significant losses for grape growers.

Junnar, with around 1,600 ha dedicated to grape cultivation, is a leading producer of Jumbo grapes in the state. The increase in import duty has led to a reduction in grape exports to Bangladesh, causing dissatisfaction among farmers regarding the central government's export policy.

The situation for white grapes is particularly dire, with traders refraining from purchasing varieties such as Thomson Seedless, Sonaka, and RK white grapes, leading to these grapes being sold at a low Rs 10 to 15 per kilogram for wine making.

[ Rs 100 = €1.10 ]