Driscoll's has inaugurated its new "Altos" refrigeration center in Mexico, aiming to contribute to the growth of the region known for strawberry production. The center, with an investment of around $13 million, covers 22,000 square meters and is designed to benefit approximately 25,000 workers in the area, creating 355 direct and indirect jobs within the municipality.

The facility incorporates cutting-edge technology for "zero water" cooling, utilizing air for cooling to avoid water consumption and non-renewable energy use. The refrigeration center is also considered an ecological and low-impact project, with features such as solar power, rainwater collection systems, and a focus on energy efficiency. It is expected to save 700 cubic meters of water per year through its innovative cooling systems.

The inauguration of the Altos center is seen as a significant step toward producing high-quality berries while fostering solid labor relations in the region.

Source: blueberriesconsulting.com