Pistachio growers in the United States have exceeded expectations this season, achieving a record crop volume. The initial estimate of a 1.3 billion pound harvest surpassed predictions, reaching around 1.5 billion pounds, marking the largest crop in the industry's history. Richard Matoian, President of the American Pistachio Growers Association, highlighted the need to address the surplus and increase marketing efforts domestically and internationally. The organization plans to explore expanding marketing budgets in January to promote consumer demand and explore new export opportunities, including reaching out to new client countries like Mexico.

The surplus arises from a significant increase in production, with the industry expecting to reach over two billion pounds annually by 2031. A Fall 2023 report by the American Pistachio Growers Association projects an average of 28,500 acres of new plantings each year through 2031. The total acreage is anticipated to exceed 811,000 acres, with bearing acres totaling 668,850. The projected growth aims to meet the rising demand for pistachios, emphasizing the need for proactive marketing strategies to match the inevitable increase in production.

Despite the challenges of managing the surplus, the industry sees the record-breaking harvest as an opportunity to boost marketing efforts and expand the global footprint of American pistachios. The strategic focus on building consumer demand ahead of production aims to sustain the industry's growth trajectory.

Source: www.farmprogress.com