This week, Murre Technologies presented the world's largest carrot polisher at its new location in Zeeland, the Netherlands. The machine is the brainchild of Dutch carrot processor Willem de Boer, where the first machine will be installed next week. Willem and Rick de Boer traveled to Zeeland from Westwoud, North Holland, this week, especially for the occasion.

Willem and Rick de Boer flank Huibert-Jan Zweemer of Murre Technologies.

"Four years ago, I approached Murr with the idea, and they ran with it. What's quite special is that they came up with a proposal that wasn't too different from my initial draft," says Willem. Thus, the Big Blue Brusher became a reality. "I have tremendously high expectations for the machine. The whole line has been well thought out, including the drum balance. The wear-and-tear parts are also easy to replace."

Interested parties had until yesterday to visit Murre. "The machine is being transported on Monday and must be up and running by Wednesday," explains Willem, who thinks the machine should effortlessly reach a 25 tons/hour capacity. You can see in action by appointment at W. de Boer.

The machine rests on a platform made from 250 pallets.

This newly designed MT Polisher, which can be equipped with different brushes, is suitable for all kinds of root vegetables. "Besides delivering a beautifully polished product, much attention was paid to the MT Polisher's design to keep maintenance easy and its costs low," says Roy Haerkens of Murre Technologies.

These innovative sectional doors are never in the way.

"Some examples of this are minimal good product loss, thanks to the tiniest distance (max. 3 mm) between the brush rollers, the infinitely adjustable output, and low maintenance costs. In fact, all drive components run in dry compartments, and parts are available on the local market."

"These are as standard as possible. The sectional doors provide maximum accessibility during regular cleaning and maintenance operations. Hygienic design enjoyed great attention, and auxiliary supports for mounting brush rollers are included," Roy concludes.

Murre Technologies' development team.

Photos: Andrea van den Hoven.

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