Produced and grown in France for the past two seasons by Condichef, the Sunion variety has been on the shelves since the beginning of November, almost a month ahead of schedule “thanks to earlier planting (in February) and an extended production area.”

1,000 tons in 2023 and two new production zones
After a “confidential and promising” first year in 2021, followed by a harvest of 400 tons last year, Condichef producers will be harvesting 1,000 tons of Sunions® in France in 2023. The allium specialist has worked on two new production zones. Initially produced in Auvergne, Drôme and Beauce, the Sunion onions are now also produced in the Tarn and Gard departments.

Available in all French supermarkets
Last year, Sunion onions were sold exclusively by Carrefour and Grand Frais (as part of a partnership). From this year, “they will be sold in all French supermarkets and will be available until April,” according to Condichef.

“Exponential” demand
“Feedback has been very good again this year. The Sunions® have succeeded in bringing consumers back who had turned away from onions that made them cry. The variety has more characteristics that can appeal to onion lovers. “The onions do not leave a smell on the hands, and their taste is sweet and not very pungent.”

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