Around 400 attendees attended the 10th edition of the International Table Grape Symposium in Cape Town, South Africa, from November 26 to December 1, 2023.

This event, held once every three years, is where table grape science meets with the industry to showcase advances in knowledge and innovation, to demonstrate the sustainability of the global table grape industry, and to provide insights into market and consumer preferences.

Spanish delegation at the 10th edition of the International Table Grape Symposium in Cape Town, South Africa.

The event's organizer announced that Spain has been chosen to host the 11th edition, to be held in Murcia in 2026 and organized by the Association of Producers-Exporters of Fruit, Table Grapes and Other Agricultural Products (APOEXPA).

"Murcia is the largest producer of seedless table grapes in Europe and deserves this recognition," said Joaquín Gómez, president of APOEXPA. "This year, we will close the campaign with around 200,000 tons of seedless table grapes marketed. We account for more than 90% of Spain's table grape production and have leading producers and marketers on the global table grape scene. In addition to the ITUM IMIDA varietal program, BLOOM FRESH also has a research and development center in the region.

In the Region of Murcia, around 15,000 hectares are devoted to the cultivation of seedless table grapes. "The production has been increasing every year, partly due to some producers switching from stone fruit to table grapes, but mainly due to the adoption over the last decade of more productive varieties with greater commercial value. Water availability is a constraint on the expansion of our acreage in Murcia, but continued investment in new varieties will allow us to continue growing and gaining market share," said Joaquín Gómez.

"We are already working to get ready to host the next International Table Grape Symposium. The countdown is on!"

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