This week, Dominiek Keersebilck started work as Demargro's new business developer. At this Belgian importer/exporter, the experienced sector manager will focus on developing new product groups' expansion at potential and existing customers. "I have 20+ years of experience in the sector, mainly on the producers' side. So it's incredibly fascinating to also get to know the chain's other side: trade," says Dominiek.

Dominiek has spent much of his working life in the fruit and vegetable sector. Over 20 years ago, he started at VLAM, promoting fruit and vegetables, and then became a familiar face at the REO Auction, which he joined in 2007. "I had a great time there and built valuable contacts. But after almost 16 years, it was time to look further."

Had Dominek ever considered leaving the sector? "Of course, you think about that, but, like many in the sector, fruit and vegetables seeped into my bones. I've built up my sector experience in recent years. The fruit and vegetable sector is so specific and dynamic, and I felt I wasn't done yet. With my experience, I hope to contribute much to the sector and help portray fruit and vegetables positively. I got that opportunity at Demargro, where I officially started on Monday," he says.

Keersebilck will be the company's business developer. "In the first months, I'll primarily familiarize myself with this experienced company's internal operations. Demargro is a well-known name in the industry, with a wide variety of customers in different countries. Flanders specializes in certain product groups, like strawberries, top fruit, tomatoes, and leeks. The region, however, has plenty of other beautiful products to which we want to introduce existing clients," he explains.

"This expansion is a wonderful challenge to which I'm fully committed. I'll first focus on the company's existing network. Still, logically, I'll soon also look for potential new customers and new markets. I want to help the company build the dynamics of changing production and sales and grow further."

"I'm delighted that Demargro has given me this chance. I'm looking forward to Fruit Logistica, too, where I hope to meet many existing customers. It's also a great way to introduce myself as Demargro's new business developer," Dominiek concludes.

For more information:
Dominiek Keersebilck
5 Ter Vlucht
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Tel: +32 (0) 479 969 501