"There's almost no cauliflower to be found," says Bertus van Tricht of AGF-Direct in the Netherlands. "Yesterday, a paltry 5,000 crates were auctioned in France for €27 per crate. That's unheard of, but there's simply hardly any available."

"The weather hasn't cooperated, leaving many French plots under water. The supply from Spain is also very limited. We normally have plenty of Spanish cauliflower by December 1, but that's delayed for about three weeks," explains Bertus.

"Things will look better from weeks 50-51 when the supply will increase. Few people have cauliflower on their Christmas menus, though. They're more likely to consider legumes and stewing pears, which means cauliflower sales won't be great either. But at least we'll have more to sell."

Spain's broccoli supply is significantly delayed, too. "But more people will eat those at Christmas. Every disadvantage has an advantage. People want alternatives. Chicory, for example, is earning well and is still selling at between €1.60 and €1.80/kg," Bertus concludes.

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