The current week in Ukraine has witnessed a rise in prices for white cabbage, but this upward price trend is specific to the high-quality production segment. Producers managed to increase the price for this product due to a noticeable reduction in the supply of white cabbage from small farms, which sold directly from the field due to a lack of storage facilities.

Currently, deals for the sale of white cabbage are being concluded in the range of $0.19-0.27/kg, on average 20% higher than a week ago. The supply of this product is quite limited, as many farms prefer not to rush with sales, anticipating the possibility of further price increases in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, wholesale companies are interested in purchasing cabbage and are ready to increase procurement prices.

It's worth noting that the current cost of white cabbage in Ukraine is already 13% higher than at the end of November last year. However, most key market players do not rule out further price increases for this product if weather conditions do not normalise shortly.