Chinese food and beverages giant, Hainan Taste King Investment Company Ltd, is eyeing imports of fruits from Cambodia. In a recent meeting with officials from the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC), senior executives, led by Luo Lihua, head of the board of directors, expressed the company's interest in establishing processing plants in Cambodia while concurrently importing fruits to China.

Luo Lihua emphasized the company's eagerness to explore opportunities in Cambodia's agricultural sector, underscoring the growing agricultural collaboration between China and Cambodia. Additionally, the company is actively seeking local investment partners for its ventures. The ultimate goal is to export fruits cultivated in Cambodia to the Chinese market and potentially other countries.

Yun Heng, Deputy Secretary-General of the Investment Committee within the CDC, welcomed the Hainan Taste King Investment Company team. He highlighted the positive impact of Cambodia's new Investment Law, positioning the country as a key investment destination in the region. Heng emphasized the transparency and efficiency of Cambodia's systems, fostering quality and effectiveness in business operations. The collaboration reflects the ongoing trend of cross-border investments and partnerships, particularly in the agricultural and food sectors.