The Management Board of the MULTIVAC Group turned the first spadeful of earth for a new production factory, which is intended for manufacturing parts and handling spare parts logistics in Wolfertschwenden.

The new factory, with an area of 35,000 square meters, is being built about 1,000 meters away from the Group's headquarters, and it is due to be completed by the end of 2025. The total investment is around 60 million euros.

Christian Traumann, Group President and CEO of the MULTIVAC Group: "Our company has always been firmly rooted in the region. The new building in direct proximity to our headquarters is a crucial decision for MULTIVAC and also a clear affirmation once again by our company owners of the Allgäu site. And last but not least, the investment forms the basis for further growth – and offers our staff members attractive and secure jobs for the future. Thanks to the latest production technology and a high degree of automation, the new factory will significantly expand our output capacity in parts manufacturing and spare parts logistics. Our customers throughout Europe and our Logistics Centers worldwide will benefit from a high level of availability and speed in deliveries."

Dr Christian Lau, Group President and COO of MULTIVAC Group: "We will move the manufacture of components for our processing and packaging machines, which currently takes place in the main factory, to the new building complex when it is completed. Thanks to the space gained, we will have more room at the company headquarters for our slicer business and complete lines, where we are currently seeing continuous growth. At the same time, we will also use the new factory, which is due to be gradually brought into operation starting in 2026, to further optimize the supply of spare parts. There, we will store thousands of spare parts for machines produced by the entire Group, i.e., MULTIVAC, TVI, and FRITSCH. And we will also be able to dispatch spare parts, which are ordered via the webshop, from there on the same day."

The new building complex with a ground floor area of 27,500 square meters comprises an area of 18,000 square meters for manufacturing, 9,500 square meters for logistics, and 3,750 square meters on the first floor for offices. As part of a sustainable infrastructure for the building, there are also several measures planned for the new production site to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Around 250 people will be employed at the new site. A new team will be built up in the Logistics area - with support provided from the main factory. In addition to this, the Wolfertschwenden #2 production factory is designed for further growth with potentially up to 340 staff members.

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