The Spanish greenhouse vegetable season is in full swing. Paul van Groningen, who started this year with his wife Maria Elena in Spain as an independent commercial agent, visited several growers in the El Ejido and Motril region last week. "But if we have to give a proper estimate of pricing, no one seems to be able to do that well. There are so many influencing factors!"

"The packing stations were busy with cucumbers. There was a small peak last week, but that has already weakened, and the expectation is that prices will start to rise again in the coming weeks because there will be less supply", Paul explains.

"The market for peppers goes up and down. Actually, at this time of year, it's always very difficult to estimate whether there will be a lot or a little supply. The prices go up one day, and the next day, a decline is set in. This is very difficult, also for the packing stations. They have to pay the growers according to the auction prices, but with such fluctuating prices, it's difficult to stay in the market and not lose money," continues the commercial agent.

"In terms of quality, I haven't really seen any problems at all. Everything looks beautiful: cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, zucchinis, chili peppers. I have not received any comments from customers about the quality either. The weather has also been good for cultivation. No rain, no heat, no cold. It has been quite stable for the past few weeks," continues Paul.

"This week we have two holidays in Spain, on December 6 and 8. This can sometimes cause a sort of artificial price increase. After all, two working days are dropped, so prices may rise a bit. But then again, if the weather is bad in Germany and the Netherlands, the demand will probably be moderate", concludes the Dutchman in Spain.

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