Although Irish farmers acknowledge there will be no potato shortages this Christmas, several sources claim they fear prices will rise. The main reason for this is the wet weather and the problems this poses for the harvest. For instance, Ivan Curran is still trying to get his crops out of waterlogged plains over his 700-acre farm in Stamullen in what he believes is the worst year for growing potatoes in his 40 years in agriculture.

Curran yields 11,000 tons of potatoes in a good year but expects 10% to be left in his fields this year, as these are too wet for his machinery to access. About 40 % of his crop are Roosters which go to supermarkets for sale and 60 % is destined for the Tayto factory in nearby Curragha for crisps.

"You may see potatoes becoming more expensive due to a much lower yield from farmers all over the country and increased cost of production, but there certainly won't be a famine," he said.