In Belarus, the cost of vegetables is rapidly on the rise, despite a bountiful harvest. In October, vegetable prices increased by 25.1% compared to September, even though the harvest yielded 183 thousand tons by November 17, exceeding the 2022 production by 12 thousand tons.

These statistics on the surge in vegetable prices were reported by the National Statistical Committee in an infographic detailing the Consumer Price Index in Belarus. However, the index of consumer prices in the Individual Consumption Purpose Classification grouping indicates a 12.93% increase in vegetable prices.

Regardless, the increase appears to be substantial. It is possible that the prices are higher because more vegetables are being brought in from other countries. Belarusian agricultural enterprises seem to be inclined towards exporting more of their produce abroad, leading to an increase in the importation of more expensive goods from overseas.

As a result, when compared to October 2022, vegetable prices have already surged by 10.89%. On the flip side, fruits and nuts have experienced a slight decrease in prices, dropping by 0.18% compared to September.